Tap into
primal & powerful.

We help brands connect by aligning them with deep truths about human desire.

With the Reiss Model of Human Motivation, we analyze the 16 desires that color consumer preference and drive decision-making. And we make them work hard for your brand.

Bank on the truth.

Drawing on consumer data, we identify your audience’s guiding desires and fears, using both to define what your brand is for—and what it’s against.

Curious which desires best align with your brand? Get started with our free Primal Brand Canvas.


Social Contact

The wheel of fortune.

Each desire is a synthesis of motive, fear and pleasure—giving way to verbal and visual codes that connect with consumers.

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Desire to improve society

Associated Fear


Intrinsic Feeling

Fairness and compassion

Move them to the core,
move the needle. center-left-box

With desires, you can get more out of the audience data and insights you have, giving way to experiences that resonate with them now—and compel them tomorrow.

Assess the intel you already have and leave with a winning strategy in our one-day, high-intensity Primal Desires Workshop.
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Our work with Desires is inspired by the theory of motivation from the late Dr. Steven Reiss, an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at The Ohio State University.

Continue exploring desires thinking in A Strategy Named Desire.

Or for a deeper dive into each of the 16 desires, read part one, part two, part three and part four.

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We are a coveted brand and innovation consultancy. A collective of curious minds and creative souls. But this is not simply a place. It’s a direction; a movement pointed ever forward. Here, each of us leads by doing. We inspire our fellow specialists, but also our clients and industry colleagues. The work we create means something and makes something: makes minds change. Makes needles move. Makes watershed moments.

You are different here, and you’ll keep on changing. You will grow here. You will be smart, brave, closer to the truth.

And your transformation will also be ours—a progression paved by following your deepest passions and wildest ideas.

Because here, you own a piece of what happens next. Here, we’re united in the belief that LPK is never finished. We are ravenous for the new, the emerging, the uncharted. We know what we hold sacred. And clinging to that, we charge ahead.

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Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


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