An iconic tea brand steeps the European market

With artisanal roots
and mass appeal, Yogi
charges full steam ahead.

Staging the tea revolution

Decades ago, holistic, herbal blends were mostly reserved for boutique shops and specialty health stores. But as wellness became a mainstream consumer trend, the market welcomed many a new tea brand into the fold—and iconic Yogi found itself competing for share.

To keep its loyal base and lure a new legion of consumers, Yogi teamed with us to revitalize its brand: amplifying the rich brand story to compete with boutique labels and mainstream power players. We led a holistic rebrand that conveyed Yogi’s heritage in a contemporary way, while educating new audiences on its impressive range of offerings. The result: renewed allegiance from the Yogi base—and the emergence of a new class of tea devotees.

in Europe
the rebrand

Expanding with a specialty brand

Following the enormous success of its rebrand, Yogi teamed with us again to develop its “club” collection: a new brand focused on mass appeal for European retailers. 

With a stronghold on the herbal tea aisle, Yogi saw the opportunity to expand into the supermarkets and mass chains that lacked artisanal appeal. We helped them do it by balancing exoticism with access—bringing the philosophy and rituals of tea down to earth for the everyday shopper.