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Staying atop
the Leaderboard

Double-digit bump in sales and steady market-share growth in just the first quarter on shelf.

Named to Golf Digest’s Hot List for the first time in over a decade.

Getting Out of the Rough

Pinnacle was on a trajectory to lose its spot as the #1 ball in the price category.

We drove the forgotten market leader to greener grass with a clear and distinct purpose as the ball for the 99%ers that resonated with casual golfers and set the brand on a course to extend its leadership position.

This project helped change the way we think about our brand and how we compete in the lower-priced segment of the market, which allowed us to create a strong foundation for the brand to not only improve its short-term position but also build on for the future.

– Chris DeToro, Associate Product Manager, Pinnacle

How We Got There

Why do we play golf? For most of us, it’s not about making the tour. We play because it’s fun. And we discovered that, for the casual golfer, part of that fun is not sucking at it.

With all eyes on this insight we dialed up performance cues with Pinnacle’s new branding, product line and packaging, and tapped into undeniable truths that resonated with weekend warriors looking to elevate their game.

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