Evolving an icon of tenderness

How to make an iconic chocolate brand even more beloved?
Refine the story.

A story that
moves mountains

LPK and Milka are old friends. For over 5 years, we’ve partnered on the strategic evolution of this world-recognized brand. Our latest endeavor—a new global identity and refined expression—beautifully blends the past and present, telling a unique story that positions Milka for success well into the future.

Inspired by the brand’s rich heritage and Alpine roots, the brandmark and assets have been simplified yet strengthened, shifting to a flavor experience that’s rich, refined and natural—all the while telling a stronger story at shelf.

We’re always working to articulate our narrative in a more focused and dynamic way. This initiative has achieved that—it’s the newest chapter in an ongoing story of growth for the Milka brand.

Karine Chik

Marketing Director, Chocolate Europe, Mondelez International