Laundry goes haute couture in Asia

How to get Chinese millennials excited about detergent pods?
High fashion.

Elevating detergent to ultra-premium status

Over the years, China had seen innovations in the laundry space—new detergents, new appliances. But with the debut of its gem-like beads, Lonkey was preparing something wholly new. Focused on the ultra-premium millennial consumer, we helped the brand disrupt with a creative strategy rooted in runway inspiration.

What Chinese millennial shoppers desired from a laundry brand experience was something elegant and elevated—something that paid homage to their clothing. Using illustration styles popular in our target regions, we portrayed the washing machine as a portal into fantastical waterworlds, realized through whimsical scenes where waves break in spectrums of colors and birds fall in love with fish.

Packaging was just the beginning: our work extended from PR and social to a buzz-generating live launch at a fashion show, in which our designs projected onto models as they strutted down the runway.

What shoppers really
wanted was a brand experience that echoes
the imagination and beauty of their fashion choices.

CEO, Lonkey

Livestream Brand Debut
12.5 million
Weibo & Wechat Reach
6.04 million
new fans
10.8 million