Defining an omnichannel experience befit for an eyecare innovator

From mall brand
to 360º experience.

Focusing in on consumer desires

LensCrafters has long been a leader in vision lenses and eyecare. But after years on top, the optical brand was struggling to find relevance amidst growing competition and shifting consumer mindsets. What LensCrafters needed was a creative strategy that could anchor the brand in current consumer desires—and launch a compelling, 360° experience they just had to have.

To pivot them out of one-off executions and inconsistent messaging, we focused on the brand’s creative foundations—from a contemporized aesthetic to a fresh tone of voice.

Expanding their ecosystem

Through our competitive audit and insights work, we uncovered that LensCrafters was lacking the sophistication and prestige that consumers desire in a modern eyecare brand. Visually and verbally, we built an ecosystem of touchpoints that tell a new brand story: evolving LensCrafters from basic checkups to holistic care; from frame store to fashion house.

Delivering a holistic, always-on experience

We crafted the brand to meet consumers right where they are—from the screen to the store and into the home.

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