Arts Center

Drawing in a new legion of art-goers

A shift from intimidating to
all-welcoming ups attendance.

Creating curb appeal for the masses

From the moment it opened the doors of its new downtown space, designed by the late Zaha Hadid, the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) turned heads. But for all its architectural significance and art-world merit, the CAC saw foot traffic dwindling year over year.

We helped the organization course-correct misperceptions and deepen engagement by revitalizing its brand to better convey its mission. Defining the essence of the CAC—a colorful convergence of art and life–we developed a dynamic new identity and expression, built to inject fresh energy and motion into the brand presence. From color to shape language, graphics to type, our flexible system revitalized the CAC from the inside-out, encouraging engagement by more clearly telling its story at every turn.

deepening engagement
3X THE FOOT TRAFFIC After Brand launch,
attendance rose from
47,000 to 150,000 annually