Squaring up an icon for snack innovation

The cheese fanatic’s
favorite becomes a
billion-dollar brand.

After 100 years of aisle domination, time for change

Cheez-It had managed to thrive for a century with little innovation beyond flavor variations, but given its seriously zealous fan base and expanding competition, the brand needed to evolve.

We helped them do it responsibly, developing a brand architecture and creative system that felt connected to Cheez-It’s legacy, yet capable of accommodating new sub-brands and snack innovations. Verbally and visually, we worked to preserve key equities while amplifying traits—like a quirky tone-of-voice—to evoke a more powerful brand experience.

The redesign unified and contemporized Cheez-It’s portfolio at shelf, making room for the creation of a new sub-brand: Cheez-It Grooves. The release nearly doubled its revenue goal, helping Cheez-it grow into a billion-dollar brand.

Finding its billion-dollar groove

Looking to cultural trends in food and insights from passionate snackers, we helped Cheez-It identify white-space opportunities in the market. The learnings informed our approach to concepting, naming and visualizing the Grooves sub-brand from scratch—an innovative snack experience that offers a twist on the brand’s “perfect square.”

$100 million & counting
In year 1, Grooves nearly doubled revenue goals with $70 million in sales. In year 2, it increased an additional 43%, earning a Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Award for cutting through and sustaining growth.

I really love where we landed—the brand is simple, has great appetite appeal and heroes the Grooves positioning.