Experiment Canvas

Your Guide to Running
In-the-Wild Experiments

At the core of every experiment is a hypothesis that needs to be tested. This canvas is designed to clarify the hypothesis, outline the riskiest assumptions, and craft an experiment that can (in)validate those assumptions.

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1. Hypothesis

The hypothesis is the simplest way to recap your idea. It forces you and your team to make bold predictions with clearly articulated benefits and results.

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2. Riskiest Assumptions

Assumptions are only dangerous when they are left unvalidated. Validating assumptions with real consumer behavior is the fastest way to test the most critical elements of your idea.

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3. Experiment Design

Design the best experiments by outlining the necessary materials and behavior along the entire experiment journey with pre-established success metrics and isolated learning objectives.

Experiment Canvas, launching innovation, go live

Refine your idea.
Isolate your variables.
Test for success.