Top-line growth is what you want. What you need is a quicker way to get there.
For ambitious innovators, long-term growth begins with short-term wins. At LPK, we help you do both, offering tailored solutions that are built around your biggest challenges.

Rapidly test & prove demand.

Every innovator knows how important it is to prove market demand quickly and definitively. The trouble with traditional validation methods? They’re often slow, expensive and poor at predicting in-market performance. That’s because they measure what consumers say, and not what they do—gauging purchase intent, not in-market behavior.

Our Proto-Selling is a rapid way to test your early concept prototypes live on shelf in real stores and online with real consumers. You’ll prove that consumers will actually buy your product or service—well before you invest years and millions on development and launch.

Hurdle my organizational roadblocks.

Despite hunger for top-line growth and broad belief in innovation’s value, the failure rate has never been higher. Our Roadblocks to Innovation Cards and Workshops help teams anticipate universal project pitfalls and overcome organizational barriers. Discover how to overcome and eliminate your true roadblocks, freeing you to build your innovation engine for growth.

Develop an innovation pipeline.

Win your unfair category share and drive top-line growth for your brands and businesses. Through consumer research, category analysis and cultural sensing, we’ll first discover and establish your strategic innovation platforms. Taking a collaborative approach, our team will then facilitate a multi-day ideation session to generate a portfolio of concepts that equip your brand with sustained competitive advantage.

Use existing assets to win adjacencies.

Every organization is hungry for growth. The reality is that most innovation efforts fail because they’re too slow, expensive or risky. But within closer reach are fast, cost-effective adjacent opportunities that typically go unnoticed. Together, we’ll build an innovation pipeline that unleashes your overlooked assets and under-leveraged technologies to conquer adjacent spaces quickly.

Launch a new brand & its products.

In just 100 days, our team of veteran innovators and entrepreneurs will lead your team through the process of building a new venture. We’ll accelerate from opportunity identification to concepts to an in-market, revenue-generating venture. Together, we will crystallize who your consumer is and what they value, then prove market demand—all in days, not years.

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Fresh insights are rarely discovered behind one-way mirrors. But with rising expectations and shrinking insights budgets, innovators are being asked to do more with less. Our approach to Digital Insights lets you rapidly and deeply immerse in the consumers, experts, influencers and startups that matter most to your business—without the expense and hassle of typical travel-heavy research.

Improve my innovation capabilities.

“How should we build our innovation capabilities?” It’s a common challenge. Improving your odds of innovation success starts with a 360° assessment of your organization’s innovation capabilities. From there, we coach your team live on a pilot project so you can “learn by doing,” since training in isolation rarely succeeds. You’ll simultaneously deliver the business results your organization craves, while building the capabilities, culture and mindset necessary to make innovation a repeatable engine for growth.

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Perspectives on Innovation

Stop Trusting What Consumers Say

Stop Trusting What Consumers Say

Nicholas Partridge explains Proto-Selling: our lean validation method that turns concepts into prototypes, tested in real environments with real consumers.