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Human-centered design
people-centric needs. center-left-box

A business’s fate starts and ends with the user—and we’re specialists in designing useful experiences that meet them right where they are. Right when they need it.
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Unearthing the unexpected to create new value. center-box-new

Uncovering deeper human understanding allows us to identify the true problems faced by your customers, then solve them with the right solutions. Whether a product or service, it always starts with a rigorous and divergent research approach—giving way to experiences that account for actual behavior and activate your brand in meaningful ways.


  • Service DesignTaking a holistic, user-centered approach to design, create products and services that reflect a deep understanding of your consumer and their wants, needs and desires.
  • Interaction DesignEnsure that your business and consumer needs are equally represented and harmoniously balanced through experiences that offer a more meaningful value exchange.
  • Product DesignDraw on human empathy, business needs and brand distinction to design products that are both emotionally fulfilling and functionally intuitive.

  • Retail & Environmental DesignSeize the opportunity to build equity and loyalty through engaging hybrid environments that reconcile content with commerce.

Our Thinking on Experience Design

Next-Gen CPG Playbook

Next-Gen CPG Playbook

Waters are choppy for many CPG brands. LPK’s playbook for Next Gen CPG brands provides guidance and focus to navigate this new world.