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The two most important words in your story.

In a world where change is happening faster and far more drastically, mastering the FROM / TO has become the skill that differentiates businesses that thrive from those that merely survive.

Through brand strategy, design and innovation, we help brands undergo transformations—big and and small, sweeping and subtle—to inspire their audiences, keep pace with culture and excel in the future.

Built Different To
Do It Different

Future Fluent - Abstract Red and Blue Shifting shapes

Future fluent

Gain a sixth sense. An anticipation sense, that is. Change is ever-accelerating, so we prioritize it at the onset, putting a forward-looking lens on everything we create. Tracking sociocultural trends over time, we translate their implications to categories and consumers, helping you sense and strategize for change—well before it hits.
Better together - two objects tied together

Better together

The hybrid advantage. To win in today’s fast-changing world, brands must be hardwired for innovation—and vice versa. It’s why we’ve shaped our consultancy as a curated, interwoven set of disciplines, giving you one set of hands to deliver on both branding and innovation challenges—and at striking pace.

Human first

For the people, always. Everything we do is to improve the lives of the individuals on the receiving end—and to ensure our people are inspired and supported in the process. With a focus on humanity, we seek to understand the world from others’ vantage points, unleashing creativity to manifest a more equitable, magical world.

Not Just Services,

Brand Strategy

Strategy is choices. And the right ones can spark a brand breakthrough. With deep understanding of your consumers, culture and category, we help you move from complexity to clarity, navigating the headwinds of change to take your brand to new places.

Our Services
  • Brand Definition
  • Brand Architecture
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Research Design

Brand Design

The world needs more beauty. We create brands to stun the senses, stir the mind and steal unfair market share. Our approach to creativity and brand design is firmly rooted in human desires (the ones that change and the ones that don’t) and emergent aesthetic trends, ensuring you show up with consistency, relevance and undeniable appeal in a fragmented world.

Our Services
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Naming
  • Communication Strategy


Change out there requires change within. We’re built to work upstream and down, helping you identify, develop, test and implement the future-forward ideas that can propel your business toward growth.

Our Services
  • Platform Definition
  • Concept Co-Creation
  • Proto-Selling Experiments
  • MVPs + In-Market Pilots

Insight + Foresight

Master the enduring and the emergent. Translate deep human truths and potential future shifts into change readiness, or Future Fluency.

Our Services
  • Consumer Insights + Articulation
  • Marketplace Assessments
  • Trends + Foresight
  • Landscape Scenario Planning
“We’re proud to unveil an updated identity that reflects the purpose, people and products of ADM.”
—Juan Luciano / ADM Chairman + CEO
“In under six months, we improved our recruitment performance five-fold.”
— Josh Shearer / Supervisory General Engineer, Air Force Research Lab
"This rebrand tells the story we’ve been living for years.”
— Paula Brehm-Heeger / Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director, Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library
“Corona flexes brand strength to stand out in a crowded hard seltzer aisle.”
“Gillette grabs #42 on The World’s Most Valuable Brands.”
— Forbes
“Pampers ranks 62nd on The World’s Most Valuable Brands.”
— Forbes
"LPK’s consistent approach, discipline and quality of work has rightly earned our trust."
— Michael Mahoney / VP, Marketing, Titleist

Rev Your
Metabolism For

Rev Your
Metabolism For

The brands who thrive in change have a healthy metabolism for it. We help you improve yours, empowering your brand to better respond to—and gain energy from—big shifts.

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We are a coveted brand and innovation consultancy. A collective of curious minds and creative souls. But this is not simply a place. It’s a direction; a movement pointed ever forward. Here, each of us leads by doing. We inspire our fellow specialists, but also our clients and industry colleagues. The work we create means something and makes something: makes minds change. Makes needles move. Makes watershed moments.

You are different here, and you’ll keep on changing. You will grow here. You will be smart, brave, closer to the truth.

And your transformation will also be ours—a progression paved by following your deepest passions and wildest ideas.

Because here, you own a piece of what happens next. Here, we’re united in the belief that LPK is never finished. We are ravenous for the new, the emerging, the uncharted. We know what we hold sacred. And clinging to that, we charge ahead.

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Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.