Overcome the
50 Roadblocks
to Innovation

LPK’s Roadblocks to Innovation Cards help teams anticipate universal project pitfalls and eliminate organizational barriers.

Organizations are hungry for growth and
brimming with game-changing ideas.

But ideas and ambition aren’t why
innovation succeeds or fails.

50 Roadblocks.
50 Solutions.

Discover how to overcome and eliminate the true roadblocks as you build your innovation engine for growth.

Let LPK help you

Overcome Your Roadblocks
to Innovation

Roadblocks Busting Workshop

The hunger for top-line growth has never been stronger. The belief in innovation’s potential has never been greater.

The harsh reality? Innovation’s failure rate has never been higher.

In this 3 hour workshop LPK’s Bryan Goodpaster and Nick Partridge will help you and your team uncover and act on the internal roadblocks in the way of driving top-line growth.

Discover how LPK has helped Fortune 500 Innovation Labs take action against their leading roadblocks to deliver in-market impact.

Custom Sets

Healthcare and Customer Experience are two realms with unique roadblocks, so we have created custom sets to answer those challenges.

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