LPK’s In-Store and Online Proto-Selling is a rapid way to test your early concept prototypes live on shelf in real stores and online with real consumers.

To shoppers, your prototype product appears ready to purchase.

Prove that consumers will actually buy your product before you spend millions on development and full launch.

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Traditional validation methods are often slow, expensive and inaccurate.

Most measure what consumers say, and not what they do—gauging purchase intent, not real purchase behavior.

How In-Store Proto-Selling Works

From Concept to Shelf in 10 Days

idea bulb to packaging, proto-selling, in-store
Turn Concepts into Prototypes
LPK’s designers and strategists transform your promising early concepts into realistic shelf-ready product and package prototypes.
packaging to grocery store, proto-selling, in-store
Place Prototypes in Real Stores
We collaborate with our network of retail partners to place those prototypes live on shelf, enabling us to gauge real consumer buying behavior and capture shopper feedback via intercept interviews.
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Gauge Real Purchase Behavior
Based on the qualitative shopper feedback and quantitative purchase conversion benchmarks, the proposition is iteratively refined prior to investing in development and full launch.

How Online Proto-Selling Works

From Concept to Website in 10 Days

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Turn Concepts into Ads & Pages
LPK’s designers and strategists transform your promising early concepts into ads and landing page websites that state your product or services’ value proposition and highlight the key benefits.
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Drive Shoppers to the Pages
LPK then drives traffic to the landing page websites via social media ads, and attempts to convert a sale as an indicator for purchase behavior.
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Measure Purchase Behavior
Performance is measured by calculating the click-through rate from the ads and purchase conversion rates on each landing page. Out of all the visitors who viewed the page, how many attempted to purchase?

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In-Store & Online Proto-Selling

LPK’s Proto-Selling helps innovators rapidly transform their early concepts into shelf-ready prototypes and landing pages that can be tested live with real consumers.

Proto-Selling scales to meet your project’s stage and budget—from a rapid 2-day test to a 10-week pilot.

Proto-Selling Methods

Online and In-Store Proto-Selling are just two of LPK’s Proto-Selling methods, enabling innovators to rapidly test new concepts with real consumers live in market.

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Influencer Proto-Selling
Leverage social media influencers to rapidly co-create and test concepts live in market with their thousands of followers.
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Crowdfunding Proto-Selling
Use crowdfunding platforms as a way to validate your idea by getting backers to put money into your concept before building it.

Learn how LPK helped an emerging brand rapidly prototype and proto-sell a new proposition in days, not months.