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Your consumer changed. It’s no longer just the “wilderness dweller” or the “adventure junky.” You’re marketing to the high-style urbanites, the biannual trip takers and the outdoor curious.

That’s where we come in. We know your category, and we understand the many faces of your target audience. Whatever your challenge—repositioning or launching a new product—we apply foresight, strategy and innovation to outfit your brand for what’s next.

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We’re out there, too.

For every hour spent staring at a screen, we make a point of spending twice as long in fresh air. We mountain climb and alpine ski, fly fish and swim laps. We drive campers to far-off places and play pick-up football in our yards.

We’re passionate about the brands we work on,
because they stand for the things we love.

Innovating for the Great Outdoors

As the category swelled with store-brand alternatives, Coleman needed to spark new attention from retailers. We sent our team into the wild, using insights from experiential sessions to design a pipeline of innovative products. The work grew Coleman’s bottom line and brought home a Red Dot Award.

Repositioning the Oldest Element

Many brands have attempted to master the fire space, but none so prominently as Bernzomatic. At shelf, its superior standing wasn’t obvious, so we focused on honing its visual language to bring status and sophistication to the tools. The redesign brought cohesion to the range, upped sales and inspired extensions into adjacent categories—innovation pursuits we continue to partner on today.

Changing the Game

Titleist lays claim to the #1 ball in golf. With a new release of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x every two years, the brand needed a partner who could keep them ahead of the game. We used a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the modern golfer, then evolved the design system accordingly. With its new packaging, Titleist instantly moved the needle, seeing a significant upshot in sales.

Wide Open Spaces

Traditionally digital demographics like Gen-Y are looking for greener grass. The urge to get outside means there’s a lot of market share to claim.

  • Over 50% of outdoor consumers are urbanites, living in or near major cities
  • Among interviewed Millennials, 31% said they yearn for simpler times
  • In the US alone, 142 million people participate in a sport at least once a year—making sports a market that will swell to $74B in 2019

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Getting Back to Nature

Worldwide, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is focused on protecting nature and preserving life—something we strive for in our sustainability efforts, too. As awareness for environmental issues has grown, the dialogue has changed. To stay relevant and actionable, TNC partnered with us to modernize, using a new design system and communication strategy to turn up the volume—amplifying their message, raising awareness and garnering more support.

Playing to the Right Audience

When digital music migrated to small, handheld devices, many a consumer sacrificed pitch-perfect quality (JBL’s specialty) for portability. To make waves again, the outdoor entertainment brand needed help. We pointed JBL toward valuable influencers—the “audio obsessed”—then amplified its narrative with a fresh look and feel. The strategy broadened audience appeal and opened doors at Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

Designing to Dominate

STX has always been focused on moving the game forward through innovation—be it women’s lacrosse or men’s hockey. But as the sports category grew crowded, the brand needed help differentiating: new strategy, new product innovations, new narrative. From fresh graphics to product naming, we elevated STX to new ranks, sparking rapid adoption by employees and consumers alike.

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