As Sustainability Efforts Expand Globally, GRI Launches Critical Rebrand

08 Dec 2020
As Sustainability Efforts Expand Globally, GRI Launches Critical Rebrand
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LPK led the launch for the Global Reporting Initiative, considered the world’s authority on sustainability reporting.

The Global Reporting Initiative, or GRI, is the worldwide authority on sustainability reporting, developing and maintaining the most widely used standards for measuring and reporting impact. LPK recently partnered with GRI on its first-ever global rebrand, developing a story, strategy and identity that clarifies the organization’s purpose and broadens its reach.

“GRI’s mission is to enable businesses around the world to demonstrate transparency and take responsibility for their impacts, but we felt the brand could better convey that,” explains Amy Steinmetz, Managing Director, LPK Europe. “By immersing in GRI’s long-held values and future vision, we emboldened their identity, ensuring it is fit for the next era of sustainability.”

The work debuts as GRI sees the interest in sustainability reporting rapidly expanding, with more brands and businesses seeking ways to understand their role, lessen impact and embrace better practices.

“With the increased interest in understanding impact, new audiences are emerging on mainly digital channels, driving the need to refresh our brand,” says Peter Paul van de Wijs, Chief External Affairs at GRI. “Our new branding differentiates GRI in the marketplace, delivering a strong and recognizable identity that helps us communicate our role as the global catalyst for transparency.”

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