LPK Joins New Riff to Talk Distilling & Design at Midwest Design Week

21 Sep 2020
LPK Joins New Riff to Talk Distilling & Design at Midwest Design Week
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David Volker and Jay Erisman will team up to discuss “barrel-aged branding” on Thursday, September 24th.

For the first time, AIGA is hosting a collaborative Midwest Design Week, uniting chapters in Cincinnati, Toledo, Louisville and Indianapolis for five days of inclusive virtual events focused on diversity and design.

On September 24th from 7 to 8 PM (ET), David Volker, senior creative director at LPK, and Jay Erisman, co-founder of New Riff Distillery, will speak at Barrel-Aged Branding, a panel exploring the commonalities between distillery and design, and what makes the spirits category so compelling for brand-builders.

In 2019, LPK and New Riff partnered on the distillery’s strategic rebrand and launch of their new bottled-in-bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Since, New Riff has gone on to win several awards and accolades, including a sweep of five Double Gold awards at the prestigious SF World Spirits Competition.

“New Riff is all about a new take on an old tradition,” said Volker. “It’s proof that, in the world of spirits, what’s on the inside 
and outside counts. A beautiful bottle breaks through, but it must come with a compelling, differentiated message.”

AIGA’s Midwest Design Week runs September 21 st to 25 th.
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