Hank Willis Thomas’s
All Things Being Equal…Opens at Cincinnati Art Museum

03 Sep 2020
Hank Willis Thomas’s<br><em>All Things Being Equal…</em>Opens at Cincinnati Art Museum
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LPK is proud to be one of the sponsors of the fall exhibition, focused on themes of racial inequity and social uprising.

On Friday, September 4th, the Cincinnati Art Museum will open the first major retrospective of contemporary artist Hank Willis Thomas, All Things Being Equal…

Spanning 25 years, the exhibition features nearly 100 artworks, including sculptures and multi-media works, monumental textile works constructed from reclaimed prison uniforms and athletic jerseys, photographs, interactive video installations and public art projects. Individually and altogether, Thomas’s work explores themes such as the human toll of gun violence, the impact of corporate branding, the roots and uses of notions of gender and race, our worldwide struggle for liberty and equality, and the importance of participation in these nuanced and complex issues.


“Hank Willis Thomas is the voice
we need to hear right now.”

LPK is proud to be one of the sponsors of All Things Being Equal…, supporting new virtual programs for experiencing the exhibition: The Workshop, a digital forum exposing viewers to more voices as they interpret artworks in real time, and Impact Circles, where audience insights translate into actions that drive change, advancing Thomas’s vision for equity and unity. The museum is hosting additional events to enhance the viewing experience, including I Am, a mindfulness and reflection exercise, and What Matters Now?, a mail art project promoting freedom of speech and voter registration.

“Hank Willis Thomas is one of the most compelling contemporary artists in America, and the voice we need to hear right now,” says Liz Grubow, VP, Managing Creative Director at LPK and a member of the museum’s Board of Trustees. “Thomas’s lens on our current world—and vision of what it could be—is a call to action as we work to create real change.”

On the eve of the exhibit, September 3rd, Cincinnati Art Museum will host Ask Hank, a virtual Q&A on the Art Academy of Cincinnati’s Facebook page with the artist from 6:30 to 7:30PM (ET). On September 4th, Thomas will be joined by Dr. Omotayo Banjo, Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Cincinnati; Damon Jones, Chief Communications Officer at Procter & Gamble; and Alandes Powell, BLM Cincinnati Visionary and co-founder of Black Art Speaks for a critical conversation about art, advertising, and social change.

For more event information and tickets, head here. All Things Being Equal… runs at the Cincinnati Art Museum from September 4th through November 8th.

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Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
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Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


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