How to Thrive
in the Next-Gen
World of CPG

Once there was a tried-and-true playbook for CPG brands to compete and win. That old playbook is now largely in tatters.

LPK’s Next-Gen CPG Playbook is an actionable guide on how to build and grow your consumer products brand. 

The CPG industry as we know it has been disrupted.

 Leading CPG brands, legacy and startups, are winning by leveraging 8 principles:

Nurture New Brands
Pursue Cultural Relevance
Clarify Portfolio
Perfect Product Mix
Transition to Services
Unify Brand & Innovation
Learn in the Wild
New Brand Creation, trends, insights imagery
Leverage PR

I need my brand to...
Win in a Next-Gen CPG World


In this one-day collaborative workshop, LPK will work with the key stakeholders on your brand to evaluate its current readiness to compete, identify gaps in its plan, and develop new, actionable strategies to thrive in the changing marketplace. 

Our structured approach is designed to enable participants to ideate and create within a framework that provides clarity and forward momentum.