Big Wins Mean Fast Growth For New Riff

01 Jul 2019
Big Wins Mean Fast Growth For New Riff
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It’s the brand that keeps on winning. Our work for the Kentucky distillery places in the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition design awards.

Following its sweep of five Double Gold awards at the SF World Spirits Competition, New Riff has earned another accolade, medaling in the Packaging Design Competition for the design of its Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, created by LPK.

“New Riff is all about a new take on an old tradition. This win is a testament to that story, and how the brand we’ve built is bringing it to life in market,” says LPK Creative Director, David Volker, who oversaw the development of the New Riff brand. “It’s proof that, in the world of spirits, what’s on the inside and outside counts. A beautiful bottle breaks through, but it must come with a compelling, differentiated message.”

A huge step in our mission to become one of the great small distilleries of the world.

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In addition to its prestigious wins in California, New Riff’s portfolio has been featured on numerous “Best Of” lists by major publishers, including Esquire, Paste Magazine, Uncrate, Maxim and Forbes. “If New Riff is not on your radar, you need to follow them,” wrote Forbes spirits contributor, Fred Minnick, of the recent wins. “They’re one of the most exciting new distilleries.”

For New Riff, the awards are much more than trophies. They’re signals of deepened awareness and major growth. “When we started the distillery, it was our dream—perhaps when we had seven- or eight-year-old whiskeys—to win a gold or two. To enter all five of our products and, in our first year of competition, win not Gold, but five Double Golds, is a life-changing event,” says New Riff’s founder, Ken Lewis. “It’s an affirmation that we have taken a huge step on the long journey to achieving our mission: to become one of the great small distilleries of the world.”

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Published On Jul 01, 2019

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Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


Have a challenge? We’re all ears.
Let’s talk about how we can partner.


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