Design for a Difference

19 Apr 2019
Design for a Difference
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Brand-Building for a Brighter Future

We believe that every company has a duty to be kind to our planet and to one another. That’s why for more than 35 years, we’ve dedicated time, money and effort to building a greener world, giving back to our community and supporting our people. We call it Design for a Difference—because “Corporate Social Responsibility Report” is just a mouthful.

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Meet the Green Team

We’re a global collective of brand-obsessed creative and thought leaders who share a passion for sustainability and the value it brings to brands. We put this passion to work every year, always striving to improve our company’s impact on people, communities and the environment.


Giving Back

Getting involved in the community is one of our favorite ways to spread the love. Here are a few ways we brightened our neighborhood this year:

design mood board, concepting, inspiration
hours donated to
community initiatives
employees participated in the annual design blitz
organizations supported by LPK
LPK employees serve on community boards
Founding member of Conscious Capitalism, Cincinnati chapter

More Home to Roam

We partnered with the Cincinnati Zoo—known as the Greenest Zoo in America—to develop messaging and ideas for their largest campaign ever. More Home to Roam will help the zoo dramatically enhance animal habitats (for elephants, polar bears, rhinos, kangaroos and more), improve the visitor experience and reach their goal of net zero energy, water and waste.


Driving Forward

Every year, we try to find new ways to do our part for a safer, greener earth. Check out our progress this year:

growing plants, environment and sustinability
Member of the Greater Cincinnati Green Business Council
trees saved since 1998
less energy consumption
in kWh
more water consumption
in gallons

Recycling Technology

We recycled nearly a ton (1400 lbs) of outdated technology last year, which roughly equates to saving:

gallons of gas
(CO2 emissions)
acres of fir forests (carbon sequestration)
propane cylinders (CO2 emissions)


Cultivating Growth

We believe we have some of the best, most creative talent working within our walls. Here’s how we nurtured and supported our people this year:

employee outing to boxing studio, health and wellness, culture
of employees utilize alternative work schedules
employees attended conferences, seminars, workshops, and trainings
company-sponsored arts and cultural events
of LPK execs started as interns

Celebrating the Olympic Spirit

To honor the 2018 Winter Olympics, we hosted fun events in our offices around the world, starting with a torch ceremony and target shooting with Nerf guns. Over the next few weeks, we built relationships and promoted good health by competing in snowshoeing, curling, speed cup stacking, and snowman building.

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CEO Message

For over 35 years, we’ve been dedicated to doing our part to respect and care for the world around us. We’re continually searching for new ways to give back to our community, invest in our people, save energy and water, and recycle more.

We believe in doing good—to one another, to our community and to our world. Not for the good press, not for the money, not for the relationships, not even for the goodwill we feel inside when we help others. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Sarah Tomes