New Advance Directives Campaign Urges People to Have “The Talk”

30 Oct 2018
New Advance Directives Campaign Urges People to Have “The Talk”
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Conversations of a Lifetime takes a new approach to end of life, disrupting the healthcare space.

While 90% of people with aging parents say that end-of-life discussions are important, only 27% of have started the process. In partnership with LPK, Conversations of a Lifetime—a patient family support program developed by Hospice of Cincinnati—has launched a new campaign, driving awareness of important end-of-life discussions between children and aging parents. Riffing on the “birds and the bees” talk common in adolescence, the campaign turns the tables, helping adult children navigate difficult, often-taboo topics with their parents.

Developed by LPK, the digital campaign showcases an evolved brand look and modernized tone of voice, meant to meet audiences on their level with deeper relevance and support. “It’s hard enough to consider end of life for your parent, let alone engage them in discussions about it,” explains Matt Fearn, Group Director at LPK, who led the initiative with Conversations of a Lifetime. “Our approach confronts the topic head-on, using a familiar metaphor we can all relate to. The campaign is about driving awareness and urgency in a fresh, meaningful way.”

To learn more, head to The Talk at Conversations of a Lifetime.

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