CoMADE’s New Model Increases Opportunities in the Innovation Economy

24 Oct 2018
CoMADE’s New Model Increases Opportunities in the Innovation Economy
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Developed with LPK, manufacturing incubator CoMADE promises to drive job growth in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Collaboration, community, co-op—the “co” in CoMADE stands for a lot of things, and it’s the thinking behind LPK’s recent development of the business incubator brand. Despite accounting for 20% of Ohio’s economy, manufacturing was declining statewide, due to overseas production and automation technologies.

But CoMADE is out to reverse that pattern. Merging innovation, job creation and skilled labor, the company offers a new approach to manufacturing in the United States, built to flex to the demands of a new, innovation-driven market.

“As manufacturing evolved to meet the demands of the innovation industry, CoMADE saw people being left behind,” explains LPK Group Director Matt Fearn, who helped lead the brand’s development. “This new model brings together entrepreneurs with big ideas, manufacturers with the right skills and workers who want to be trained for the jobs of tomorrow. From the name to the design, we built the brand to tell this disruptive story—and to capture the enormous community impact of CoMADE’s work.

Uniting talent under one roof at its new production facility, the company is fulfilling its mission through a diverse spectrum of programs—from transformational training workshops to inclusive accelerator programs, designed to bring innovative products to market more swiftly.

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