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Design Blitz Returns, Celebrating 5 Years of Giving Back

LPK reveals the recipients for its 2018 Design Blitz: the Hearing Speech & Deaf Center of Cincinnati and the North Fairmount Community Council.

On August 25th, LPK will kick off its fifth-annual Design Blitz: an overnight event that pairs LPK creative teams with deserving nonprofits for a 24-hour effort, focused on resolving organizations’ challenges and reimagining their brands—ultimately bettering the Cincinnati community.

This year, LPK will work with the Hearing Speech & Deaf Center of Cincinnati, an organization devoted to support of the deaf, founded in 1925, and The North Fairmount Community Council, focused on enrichment initiatives to invigorate one of Cincinnati’s most diverse neighborhoods.

“Design Blitz has always been about giving back in a way that is uniquely creative and uniquely LPK,” says Chief Executive Officer at LPK, Sarah Tomes. “This year’s participants bring with them complex challenges and huge opportunities to enrich the community. We’re excited to address them in a format exclusive to the Blitz.”

The 2018 Design Blitz begins on Saturday, August 25th at 9 AM and concludes 24 hours later. The work will be revealed on the afternoon of Monday, August 27th at LPK’s Brand Innovation Center.

For more details and event updates, follow along on LPK’s Twitter and Instagram.

To learn more about LPK Design Blitz, head to lpk.com/design-blitz. And for press inquiries related to the events August 25th through 27th, reach out to media@lpk.com.

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