bi3 Sparks New Health Innovation

18 Dec 2017
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Focused on quickly scaling disruptive ideas, Bethesda Inc. launches a grantmaking initiative with a brand all its own.

How do you change the future of community health? According to nonprofit Bethesda, Inc., it’s a mix of ideas, investments and innovation—the three themes embedded in its grantmaking initiative’s new name: bi3.

Focused on sparking and scaling healthcare innovations, the brand’s approach, developed in partnership with LPK, reflects the same disruptive mentality. “We carefully considered how to best personify our grants initiative to express our unique role, the values we stand for and the vision we aspire to achieve,” said Jill Miller, Bethesda Inc. president. “bi3 reflects the fact this initiative is not a foundation or a hospital. We are a forward-looking, philanthropic investor with a willingness to take informed risks in order to transform the health of our community, and beyond.”

To amplify its impact in the community, bi3 will award more than $3.8 million in funding in its first year, spurring health innovation in palliative care, behavioral health, primary care integration and digital solutions.

“bi3 represents the future of healthcare: thinking creatively and acting collaboratively to quickly seed and grow ideas that will improve lives and transform communities,” explained Matt Fearn, Group Director at LPK. “We’re so proud to have partnered with Bethesda Inc. on this game-changing initiative—from the strategy and name to the identity and newly launched website. This is just the beginning.”

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