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LPK Guangzhou Spotlight: Meet Rui

She fills her free time with teaching children about creativity, baking up dream dessert worlds (we’ll explain) and traveling around the globe. We talked to designer Rui Liu about her most recent project and why she loves doing what she does.

How long have you worked at LPK?
I joined two years ago as a designer in our Guangzhou office. We are a small team, but we’re strong. It feels like a family.

LPK Guangzhou Team Photo
“These are a few of my Guangzhou co-workers. We are a small team but mighty.”

What brands do you work on?
I do a lot of package design and guidelines. Right now, one of my favorite projects is the herb sketches I made for the new package design for Spritzer bottled water.


Herb illustrations for some recent work in the LPK Guangzhou office
“A glimpse at some work I’m doing.”


Very cool. So, what keeps you motivated every day?
I’m really lucky that my work is also my passion. I made my dream of being a designer come true and I know I’ll always find passion and inspiration in my work.

You just did a really neat project for some people at LPK. Mind sharing your work?
I created a series of animal sketches that represent the dual personalities of people—one that is self-perceived and one that is perceived by others. The project began as a mini-series just for our Guangzhou office, but has since expanded to include multiple people from all of our offices. To discover these two personas, I asked people to associate themselves with animals and to assign animals to their colleagues.

Animal Sketches
“These are animal sketches of my colleagues at the Guangzhou office. The bottom head represents their self-perceived personality, and the top represents others’ perceptions.”

You’ve accomplished a lot in your career. Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?
Always look ahead and keep trying—especially new things. I find that communicating with people and having a pulse on this fast-changing world can be a great source of inspiration.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your career?
Be an empathic listener—you can really get to the core of a problem that way.

This feels like a silly question now, but what else do you do in your free time?
I enjoy making desserts and creating photographic story scenes out of them. I created a restaurant concept that I named “Bee Sweet” (my nickname is Bee). My favorite concept is one I called Four Seasons.

A glimpse at what a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter dessert would look like from Liu's Bee Sweet restaurant.
“This is a snapshot of my Four Seasons desserts from my concept restaurant, Bee Sweet.”

Any mantras you live by?
Treasure life every day. My mom also taught me to do what I believe in, and I keep doing that every day in my life.

Swap sketches, dessert recipes and career advice with Rui. Email her at liu.rui@lpk.com.

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