Do One for the Greener Good

16 Apr 2017
Do One for the Greener Good
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Rick Conner

It’s Earth Week. We’re unveiling our 2016 Sustainability Report and reflecting on simple ways to make a positive impact.

Earth Week is the perfect reason to get outside, connect with nature and consider some ways to live a little greener.

When it comes to running a business, we hear corporations list off impressive tactics to enhance sustainability: solar panels, rain barrels, hydroponic gardens—all good ways to reduce your footprint. But there are simpler ways, too. Try unplugging your empty mini fridge. Recycle your plastic shopping bags. Leave your lights off during the day … the sun works just fine.

These small gestures bring us to the main point: “going green” isn’t a painstaking process. It’s a switch you flip. It’s common sense. It’s about being more deliberate in your day-to-day choices, making conscious decisions and understanding their impact. That’s it.

Earth’s expiration date depends on us. Small, simple adjustments to our daily routines add up in the green—err, grand—scheme of things. We can all do better. Even here at the office.

So we did.

Check out our 2016 Sustainability Report: Design for a Difference.

Rick Conner is a senior creative director at LPK. His leadership and direction provide key brand insights and creative development for today’s most well known brands across several categories. Rick also dedicates much of his leadership and many of his creative skills to The Nature Conservancy, the Ohio Board of Trustees and the Sierra Club. He is also LPK’s sustainability director. Talk Machu Picchu or nature conservation with Rick at

Senior Copywriter Adam Sievering contributed to this post.