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LPK Cincinnati Spotlight: Meet Brittany

A proud dog mom, a fashion designer and an adventurous foodie—Brittany Alvey wears many hats. As a senior designer at LPK, she thrives at the intersection of bettering people’s lives and flexing her flair for creativity. We sat down with Brittany to pick her brain.

How long have you been at LPK?
I started at LPK as an intern in 2014. Since, I’ve joined full time and am now a senior designer on the Print & Pattern team.


Above: A peek into Brittany’s world: “My team and I brainstorming at a fashion-thinking session.”

What keeps you coming back every day?
Inspiration. Every day, I’m inspired in a new way. Whether it’s a conversation in the hallway with one of the chiefs, checking out the challenges our front-end innovation team is tackling or how my own team is spreading joy through pattern—there’s something worth learning around every corner.

You’re working on a really awesome project right now that focuses on the patient experience in the medical industry. Could you talk a little about that?
I originally went to college to study pre-med because I knew I wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives. My whole life, I thought going down the medical track to become a doctor was the best way for me to do so. But after a heartfelt discussion with a very lovely stranger, I knew I needed to pursue my passion for design and creativity.

Still, that itch to make people’s lives better never left me. At LPK, I’ve really been pursuing this idea that using our methodologies can not only better patients’ experiences but also blow patients away with empathy, innovation and the very best design.

Just last year, I worked on a project with other LPKers and Cradle Cincinnati to give the local WIC (women, infants and children) office a makeover. Our work had immediate and positive results. The employees and patients were thrilled with the new space and we heard comments from patients like: “I am proud to bring my children here,” and “I would come to this office every day if I could.”

After a heartfelt discussion with a very lovely stranger, I knew I needed to pursue my passion for design and creativity.

If we’re talking hospitals or other health-care centers, bettering the patient experience is about so much more than having the latest and greatest technology, or bigger hospital rooms. I love the challenge of figuring out how to bring delight and emotional uplift to those patients and families who need it most and proving the value this brings. I believe through design, innovation and empathy, we can help change the world of health care.


You recently traveled to California for a medical conference. What did you want to accomplish there and what did you learn?
I went to Anaheim for the MD&M West (Medical Design and Manufacturing) conference to contextualize our approach and gain a better understanding of both the recent challenges and breakthroughs across the medical industry. I met a ton of insanely inspiring and innovative people, and took home lots of insight on how LPK can best serve health-care stakeholders.


Above: “Jen Dusold, fellow LPKer, (and my manager) and me after a hike in Malibu.”

On one of our off days, we met a man named Alan who hiked with us. Along the way, he taught me my new favorite philosophy for a happy and healthy life: “take your daily MEDS (meditate, exercise, diet and share).” From the conference to the inspirational hikes, this trip was so inspiring in more ways than one for our patient-experience project. I’m eager to put our newfound knowledge to practice.

It’s a Friday night, where are you going for dinner?
Probably Sotto. I’m kind of obsessed with their food, especially dessert. I love when restaurants put a lot of love and care into their dishes—Sotto does this so well. Everyone needs to try their ricotta doughnuts.

And who is sitting across the table from you?
In reality, it’s probably my boyfriend across the table. But if there was anyone I could have dinner with, it’d probably be an entrepreneur or a fearless female politician. Right now, I’m really inspired by [Spanx founder] Sara Blakely’s story or US Senator Elizabeth Warren.


Above: “Last year, a group of LPKers got to sample Sotto’s new lunch venture. This is us outside—full and happy.”

What podcast are you listening to right now?
The podcast How I Built This. I love the episode that features their interview with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.

What other projects are you working on right now?
My boyfriend and I just bought our first home. We hadn’t planned on remodeling quite yet—but after a mishap with a hammer, we are now renovating our kitchen. Which is also a great way to realize it’s hard to eat without a working kitchen.


Above: “This is our front porch of the darling little house my boyfriend and I just bought.”

So besides making meals sans-kitchen, anything else you can’t live without?
Definitely my dogs Bob and Gus. I may be biased, but they’re the sweetest in the world.


Above: “The loves of my life— our three-legged dog Bob and Gus, our little guy.”

And Cholula hot sauce. On everything.

Talk design in the medical industry or first-time renovator woes with Brittany at brittany.alvey@lpk.com.

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