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Valerie Jacobs Talks Scenario Planning at Catalyst Americas Conference

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when focusing on e-commerce trends is to bet on a single technology—or worse, only consider a narrow version of what the future might look like.

At the Catalyst Americas 2016 conference on Tuesday, April 12 at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, LPK Chief Insight + Innovation Officer Valerie Jacobs will explain why organizations should stop trying to predict one single future—and glimpse multiple realities instead.

Jacobs’ breakout session will offer two distinct glimpses into the future to help equip brands, retailers and manufacturers for tomorrow’s e-commerce landscape and determine if they’re ready for the next era in consumer engagement. These richly detailed stories bring together a plethora of possibilities for a comprehensive look at emerging consumer behaviors and technologies.

For more information on Catalyst Americas 2016, click here.

LPK Chief Insight & Innovation Officer Valerie Jacobs’ trend work is grounded in a strategic approach that incorporates research, analysis and translation of data into actionable strategies for consumer brands with the nerve to keep up. Follow Val on Twitter at @futureglimmer or email her at valerie.jacobs@lpk.com.

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