LPK Creative Director Weighs In on Uber’s Rebrand

19 Feb 2016
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Uber’s recent rebrand has been called “seriously wasted potential” and a “wrong turn.”

But there’s one thing Uber did that no one is talking about.

LPK’s Print + Pattern Creative Director Jenny Sauer weighs in on the new rebrand on FreshBusinessThinking.com, saying that “Uber went where most other brands have not.”

Check out the full story: “Uber’s rebrand: The one thing no one’s talking about.

Jenny Sauer has turned her passion for capturing the beauty of nature into her life’s vocation. As an LPK creative director, she leads a talented group of designers in creating print-and-pattern gut appeal across a variety of applications for leading brands. When she’s not at LPK, you can find her at home in her textile-printing studio in Georgetown, Ky., creating vintage-inspired prints and artisan-quality fabrics. Drop Jenny a line at jenny.sauer@lpk.com.