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LPK London Spotlight: Meet Pippa

A branding maven, Pippa runs LPK Strategy in the London office off Oxford Street. Pippa finds inspiration in every corner of the magnificent and ever-changing city—and shares it all with her co-workers, making the LPK London office a better place every day.

You’ve been with LPK London for 5 years. What’s your favourite part?Processed with VSCOcam

LPK is collaborative and open, and a place where you really can make the role fit to your ambitions and not the other way around. Even with global offices, LPK remains caring and a place where you can get to know and learn from colleagues around the world.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in the design industry?

This is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Don’t use “cookie cutter” approaches. We have to be adaptable and flexible and especially prepared to create new approaches and find new solutions. Take on that challenge!


You’re one who looks for inspiration in every corner. How do you inspire your teams at LPK?

A few years ago, I started our “Studio Spirit” evenings at the London office. Once a month, we visit an exhibition or event in town to freshen our minds, get a new perspective and, most importantly, look for inspiration outside the office walls.


Sounds like something straight from the heart of a creative. When did you know you were the creative type?

I studied modern languages at Bristol University—and while not typically creative, it is all about communication, which is a key facet of what I do. It wasn’t until I graduated that I explored the creative industries and, by accident, realised there was a way of bringing my love of language together with my more creative side. Working in this industry has encouraged me to pursue things like photography outside work—I’m just a novice, but I love how imagery has the ability to capture an entire story or emotion.

london-pippa-005Do you have any advice for those aspiring to do the work you do?

I work in strategy, and I really don’t think you can do this job without first getting a grounding in client or creative services—because you need to intimately understand our clients’ challenges and how those challenges are answered creatively before you can be effective in strategy. If you want to work in design and branding, you have to be insatiably curious about people. What motivates them to act the way they do? If you can’t find that fascinating, you won’t enjoy this industry.

What’s your pulse on branding today?

One of the biggest challenges brands face is finding and being loyal to a strong, consistent idea that is communicated through all their media. There’s a danger with all the channels open to brands now that ideas can take second place to execution and messages. Our job at LPK is to give the brands courage to be true to one idea—an idea that is large and flexible enough to adapt, but still remain true to its core.

Who is your dream client or favorite brand?

They are one and the same—Waitrose. I love their approach to food and that they take risks and explore the unexpected in design.

What still surprises you about London?

There are so many different cities just within this one city. We have so many different cultures, foods, fashions and architecture styles within a relatively small space. It’s endlessly fascinating.

Anything we don’t know about you?

I have synesthesia—I associate words and numbers with colors and shapes. Oh, and also, I’m obsessed (!) with shoes.

Talk your favorite parts of London with Pippa. Email her at pippa.nordberg@lpk.com.

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