Design Director Talks Political Branding with NPR

02 Nov 2015
Design Director Talks Political Branding with NPR
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Is the GOP hopeful Donald Trump considered a brand?

Design Director Meredith Post talks this and political branding with NPR’s Peter Overby on It’s All Politics.

Disruptive brands “have an irreverent tone of voice that goes back to what they promise, what the experience will be like. And something that is unapologetic,” says Meredith.

Read the story and listen to the full interview on NPR.

For more on Meredith’s view of political branding: “Slogans That Win US Presidential Campaigns,” “Going Beyond the Logo in a Political Campaign,” “An Analysis of Presidential Visual Identities—The Rise of Branding in Politics,” “Brandmarks of the Republican Primary—The Rise of Branding in Politics” and “A Historical Perspective—The Rise of Branding in Politics.”

Meredith Post is a design director at LPK and a proud (and loud) Green Bay Packers owner. She brings extraordinary creative ideas and a steadfast promise to bettering her work and clients every day. You can mostly find her spreading the good word of Kanye West or sharpening her opinion as a political junkie. You won’t find a selfie of Meredith, but if you’d like to chat, follow her at @meredithwhitney or email her at