DMI Celebrates Inaugural Design Value Awards

13 Oct 2015
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Jerry Kathman

In late September, LPK helped launch the first-ever Design Value Awards at the Design Management Institute’s (DMI) 40th Anniversary Gala in Boston, Massachusetts. As the chairman of the board for DMI, I was honored to help DMI President Carole Bilson present the awards to the very deserving recipients. We had entries from every continent except Antarctica, with impressive projects hitting many of the major cultural and social issues in our world today, including hunger, education, health care, justice, technology and finance. DMI Design Value Awards 2015

The Design Value Awards are the first to recognize the value of design in solving real-world problems across industries and cultures. Submissions were challenged to visually present the journey they took to deliver significant value—financial, cultural, customer or social—through design.

I am excited that I had the opportunity to be part of the inaugural Design Value Awards. This competition elevates the role of design in all facets of our lives and throughout the world, and I think it will become a highly coveted honor among designers and problem solvers everywhere. We are on the cusp of something big. View the Design Value Award winners.

As CEO of the world’s largest independent brand design agency, LPK’s Jerry Kathman is recognized within the industry as a leading authority on the role of design in brand building. His global experience has provided Fortune 50 companies with insights into both the opportunities and pitfalls of building a global brand in today’s rapidly changing world.