The Case for Extraordinary Type

16 Sep 2015

Crimes against type are everywhere these days. The fundamentals of typography are often overlooked in favor of what’s quick and easy.

But typography is an expression of quality. It’s an art, craft and tool every designer has the responsibility to use with reverence. And designers worth their salt know that type is critical to conveying quality work.

That’s why today we’re kicking off LPK Typefest, a renewed commitment of good type via a three-day global education festival. This is the beginning of a deliberate refocusing of our creative attention on understanding, honoring and mastering the art of typography.

Through immersive gallery-style exhibits and multimedia expressions, our designers around the world are celebrating the sanctity of type and damning its misuse. We’ve deconstructed its anatomy, analyzed its personalities and exposed its crimes—now it’s time to revel in its exquisite beauty and salacious appeal.

Want to be a part of LPK Typefest? Join us for a free public event at our Cincinnati global headquarters on Wednesday, September 16. Artist, graphic designer and Virginia Tech Chair of Visual Communication Design Meaghan Dee will reveal how a multisensory approach to typography can open doorways to new creative territories. RSVP and save your seat here.

lpktypefest_imagery_001 lpktypefest_imagery_002


For photos from our typography exhibits, follow the hashtag #LPKTypeFest on Twitter and Instagram.

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