How Patterns Deepen Brand Connections

12 Aug 2015
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Every day, we rely on patterns to help make sense of the world around us. But patterns are more than just attractive to look at, they possess an energy that captivates the imagination and connects on an emotional level.

At LPK, our Print + Pattern experts understand the power of pattern™ to elevate brands through rich, ownable assets that deepen connections and stimulate desire.

This video highlights the artistry and expertise of Creative Director Jenny Sauer, while offering a glimpse of how we use print and pattern strategies to help brands create dynamic visual assets that bring their brand promise to life.

Jenny Sauer has turned her passion for capturing the beauty of nature into her life’s vocation. As an LPK creative director, she leads a talented group of designers in creating print-and-pattern gut appeal across a variety of applications for leading brands. When she’s not at LPK, you can find her at home in her textile-printing studio in Georgetown, Ky., creating vintage-inspired prints and artisan-quality fabrics. Drop Jenny a line at