Lyubyatovo: Nurturing a Legacy of Homegrown Goodness

03 Aug 2015
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Many Russian consumers have a deep-seated pride in the country’s homegrown goods and brands. Lyubyatovo, a long-standing Russian biscuit, cracker and cereal brand now owned by Kellogg’s, saw this as an opportunity to strengthen its emotional connection with consumers by leveraging its distinguished heritage of providing Russian families with wholesome foods featuring traditional local grains.

In a market increasingly dominated by private-label products, it was imperative that Lyubyatovo elevate its brand image and more clearly communicate its promise of homegrown goodness to improve consumer engagement. The brand turned to LPK for a new brand strategy and creative execution that would bring to life its wholesome and nurturing Russian heritage.


“We needed a solution that would help us retain our loyal consumers while appealing to a wider audience,” said Elvira Popova, senior brand manager of snacks for Lyubyatovo. “LPK helped us craft a unique look, tone and feel that’s much more compelling, yet grounded in our local value.”

The new identity appeals to Russian mothers, who want to please and care for their loved ones with delicious yet nutritious foods, with a design inspired by the rich nutrients of the earth and the warmth of the sun—the sources of the simple goodness found in Russian grains.


The interplay of these elements, along with a simple, warm and honest tone of voice, reinforces Lyubyatovo’s grain expertise while communicating the care and authenticity at the heart of the brand. Design assets including color, graphic elements and product styling help unify the Lyubyatovo portfolio while highlighting individual product benefits, allowing for greater shopper distinction among the brand’s subcategories—from everyday essentials to healthy snacks to occasion-based treats.


“The new brand identity and design system delivers strong differentiation, not just from the competition but across Lyubyatovo’s own product line,” said LPK Europe Group Director Carsten Heldmann. “It provides a clear, consistent visual language that will inspire creative expression of the brand across all consumer touchpoints, and that makes it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for on the shelf.”

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