Unleashing the Power of Pattern

20 May 2015
Unleashing the Power of Pattern
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Jenny Sauer

What if your brand was so coveted that would-be buyers crashed a retailer’s website trying to get their hands on your latest offering? What if your brand was so sought-after that imitators flooded the industry? What if your brand became so fashionable that it permeated everyday living?

With potential for application on everything from clothing and accessories to housewares and pet supplies, prints and patterns amplify and deepen the emotional connections we have with brands—strengthening brand loyalty and increasing brand longevity.

As creative director for LPK’s Print + Pattern group, I’m passionate about the role we play in helping brands deepen those connections and appeal to consumer desires, whether by building on existing equities to create ownable and versatile visual assets, tapping into trends to keep the brand culturally relevant or transforming everyday products into extensions of people’s personal aesthetics—completely changing their perception of the brand and its role in their lives.

Most recently, our team collaborated with acclaimed Brooklyn-based editorial and commercial photographer Anna Williams to create something entirely new. Her clients include everyone from luxury designers to mainstream retailers, but she’s a paragon of disruption in her industry, and a visionary at heart.

In 2010, she launched The Voracity, a personal project exploring themes of hunger, consumption and beauty through a wide range of styles and techniques. Her latest series of photos for the ongoing passion project featured stunning floral arrangements and natural greenery that caught our eye and sparked our imagination. Inspired by Anna’s provocative approach, we decided to deconstruct and reinvent her photography through print and pattern. From the lens, through the hands and onto the screen, a journey unfolded, creating layers of images and exquisite motifs.

To complement our patterns and help tell the story of their development, we wrote a hero’s journey—one of temptation and redemption reflective of the transformative nature of our creative process. The result? Six patterns and chapters evocative of their photographic inspiration.

By challenging ourselves beyond our technical and creative limits, we unleashed the Power of Pattern™ and revealed the potential of its harmonious relationship with photography.


The story begins with a beautiful hero, represented by a healthy and vibrant bloom. A lovely, manicured garden reflects his state of being—young, naïve, impressionable and optimistic.



A poisonous element of immorality is introduced, acting as a catalyst to our hero’s corruption. It pulls him into a new, less naïve world, where a delusional, mirage-like state kindles manic feelings of grandeur.



Our hero becomes completely immersed in the poisonous and sinister world of immorality. This rich, dark and enticing world, depicted by a disoriented, kaleidoscopic state of mind, is his downfall. Things have gone dark, but remain beautiful to the eye.



Our hero is completely destroyed. His appearance, existence and world crumble and fall apart. He enters a state of despair—reminiscent of a barren wasteland—consumed by feelings of hopelessness, decay and deterioration.



A light cracks through the dark, desolate land, bringing redemption. Our hero is inspired to begin again—transitioning from a shadowy, shattered and fragmented state to one that is jeweled, prismatic and radiant.



Receiving new hope and healing, our hero experiences rebirth and rejuvenation. He returns to an open, vibrant and lively state. But having shed his ignorance, he is no longer so impressionable. He has acquired a new wisdom, revealing a more mature and sophisticated beauty.

Pattern Creation: Senior Designer Beth Porter, Creative Director Jen Dusold, Designer Julia Garcia

Jenny Sauer has turned her passion for capturing the beauty of nature into her life’s vocation. As an LPK creative director, she leads a talented group of designers in creating print-and-pattern gut appeal across a variety of applications for leading brands. When she’s not at LPK, you can find her at home in her textile-printing studio in Georgetown, Ky., creating vintage-inspired prints and artisan-quality fabrics. Drop Jenny a line at jenny.sauer@lpk.com.