Chocolate Milk: No Longer Child’s Play

26 Mar 2015
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When most people think of chocolate milk they picture their childhood, and their mouth becomes nostalgic for the cold, refreshing sweetness. But it’s not exactly hip for young urbanites to break out a cartoon-character-adorned bottle and start chugging down the chocolatey treat.

So, why the subconscious age limit? Chocolate milk is tasty, refreshing and offers more nutrition than the empty calories of soft drinks; but it’s yet to penetrate the adult market.

Swiss dairy producer Emmi wanted to change that. Following great success establishing the cold coffee category in Europe, Emmi took a bold step into flavored milk with Emmi Choco Latte. While the category was new for them, the ingredients and target consumer were not. The challenge lay in positioning the product as part of Emmi’s lineup of lifestyle beverages for modern young women.

Emmi looked to LPK for a creative strategy that would leverage the equity of its successful Caffè Latte line, its expertise in milk processing and the fine Swiss art of chocolate making to position the offering as an innovative, premium, grown-up chocolate milk product.

“LPK helped us access an undiscovered category for our target consumer,” said Nicole Grond, Category Head, Drinks for Emmi. “They crafted a successful approach for bringing trendy young women into the flavored milk category and worked seamlessly with the Mackat agency to roll it out into the marketplace.”


“We immersed ourselves into hip café culture and the sophisticated chocolate world to determine how we could play in a grown-up chocolate beverage category,” said Amy Steinmetz, vice president of operations for LPK Europe. “The result was a quirky, playful tone of voice and visual expression that captures Choco Latte’s essence as a stylish, refreshing treat for discerning beverage consumers.”


The chic, café-inspired design features lively chalkboard art and hand-scripted messaging—a cue from the chocolate category. The visual and verbal strategies work together to convey a sense of refined, artisan quality and urban premiumness never before seen in the flavored milk category.

Emmi Choco Latte has launched in Switzerland, Spain and the UK and comes in two flavors—Classic and Caramel.