Phase A Gallery: Design Unfiltered

05 Mar 2015
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Phase A is that beautiful time when pen meets paper, color meets canvas, and the possibilities stretch out before us—our unadulterated, unfiltered design time before initial client review.

“To me, it means that (almost) anything is possible,” says Master Designer Chris Bautista. “There are no constraints, no discouraging legal battles and no bulky violators to clog up your design. It’s a time to let your mind and sketches do the wandering and just follow your intuition.”

For many designers, Phase A is what keeps us coming back for more. But this artwork rarely makes it on the shelf or into the environment as is. That’s why we created Phase A Gallery, an opportunity to showcase our work in its purest form.

“We see each other’s work in passing but never curated in one place,” says Bautista. “It’s really beautiful and heartening to see our work like this.”

Our most recent exhibit featured Phase A designs from our work with the Contemporary Arts Center.


phaseAimagery_002“This was a very visual project for an iconic arts institution, leading our team to explore prolific amounts of inspiration,” says Senior Designer Meredith Post. “But only one approach can make it to the final execution, so the bulk of our ideas end up on the cutting room floor. Phase A Gallery gives us a chance to celebrate our work in its entirety and inspire each other by reminding ourselves of the creative passion and potential we all share.”

Planning your own Phase A Gallery? Share your unadulterated designs with us on Instagram and Twitter using #PhaseAGallery.