A Brand Worthy of Its Iconic Inspiration

26 Feb 2015
A Brand Worthy of Its Iconic Inspiration
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“One person can make a difference, and each of us should try.” Robert F. Kennedy believed in the power of the individual to change the world into a more just and peaceful place. Although his life was cut short, his vision and ideals live on through the international humanitarian organization founded in his memory 47 years ago.

We were honored to partner with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights to contemporize its brand and elevate its presence in cultivating and empowering a new generation of human rights defenders and supporters across the globe.

“LPK gave us the courage to make the changes necessary to set us up for success now and into the future,” said John Zurick, chief operating officer for the organization. “Their strategic approach and ability to communicate it, their nonstop flow of fresh ideas and their unlimited patience are remarkable.”

RFKLogo-01 copy

The new brand identity is as bold and forward thinking as the organization and its namesake. Within the brandmark, the strong upward angle of the primary shape represents the forward and upward momentum created by every stance the organization takes, and every act its global network performs. From the strong angles to the aspirational color palette, the new look is cutting-edge and innovative for the organization—and more relevant to modern-day donors and activists.

“So much of the human rights messaging today is focused on the negative impacts of human rights abuses,” said LPK Senior Creative Director Billy Thomas. “We wanted to flip that perspective and tap into the positivity and strength of this organization with an identity that would attract donors and inspire individuals to act.”

The K shape of the brandmark also nods to the Kennedy name, something LPK worked closely with both the organization’s leadership and the Kennedy family to maintain.

“There’s an incredible amount of equity in the Kennedy name, particularly Robert F. Kennedy,” said LPK Senior Project Leader Elizabeth Oliver. “We wanted to build on that equity and contemporize his legacy by using his full name as they look to increase global recognition.”

To deploy the brand for maximum impact and resonance, LPK also reframed the organization’s messaging and communications approach to support the new identity. The resulting photo and verbal strategies are rooted in the power of the individual and evoke a human connection with brighter imagery and an inspirational tone of voice focused on action and positive outcomes.


Feeling inspired? Find out how you can help fulfill Robert F. Kennedy’s dream of a more just and peaceful world by visiting rfkcenter.org.