Strong Strategy, Strong Brand

19 Feb 2015
Strong Strategy, Strong Brand
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We all have brands we love. Those we invite into our lives without question because they touch us in a meaningful way. But what distinguishes those brands from others? How do our favorite brands connect on a visceral level that leaves us wanting more?

At LPK, we believe that’s where strategy comes into play.

We know the strongest brands are built by choice, not chance. That it’s our job to clarify those choices and help brands design experiences that people remember and connect to. And to do that, we have to intimately understand how people, ideas and brands work—and how they work together—in the real world.

This video captures a day in the life of VP, Strategy Michael Wintrob, providing a snapshot of our strategy approach and how we help brands apply intentional choices that inspire real connection.

As Vice President, Strategy at LPK, Michael Wintrob designs approaches and frameworks that marry rigor with creativity for optimal outcomes. He has developed best-in-class practices for a wide variety of brands from the food and beverage industry to home care and financial services categories. Michael also has served as an adjunct instructor at the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business. When he’s not laying down purposeful strategy he keeps busy by trying to stay on top of his ever-expanding Instapaper account. Follow Michael on Twitter at @mwintrob or drop him a line at