Celebrating Art in Action

17 Feb 2015
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Creativity is contagious. A symphony can inspire a modern dancer, a novel can inspire a film—every artistic expression can transcend its initial manifestation to become something completely new.

As the nation’s largest united arts fund and Greater Cincinnati’s leading local arts agency, ArtsWave fuels this creativity.

At LPK, we believe that the arts are essential for a thriving and connected community that fosters innovation and collaboration. That’s why every year we celebrate the arts by participating in ArtsWave’s annual campaign.

To help kick off this year’s campaign, “ArtsWave in Action,” we partnered with Exhale Dance Tribe and chamber ensemble concert:nova to demonstrate how art is ever changing, mutually inspiring its many shapes and forms, from music to dance to painting.

We invited Exhale Senior Soloist Sarah Emmons to our Cincinnati office to bring to life four performances by concert:nova’s string quartet. With feet and hands dipped in black paint, she danced across large canvases to the rhythmic, harmonious blend of the violins, viola and cello.

“It’s an incredible experience to hear a piece of music and allow your body to react to it in such a raw and genuine way,” said Emmons. “The process itself was freeing and beautiful, and I think that’s reflected in the art that came to be.”

The four canvases, inspired by the musical masterpieces of Vivaldi, Stravinsky, Ginastera and Piazzolla, are currently featured in the street-side window display of our Cincinnati office, along with video documenting their creation.

By supporting organizations like Exhale Dance Tribe, concert:nova and more than 100 others throughout the region, we’re helping advance the vibrancy of our community by keeping our world-class arts scene alive and thriving.

Want to find out how you can help keep Greater Cincinnati’s arts in action? Join us in supporting ArtsWave.