Video Rewind: My Analog Adventure

08 Jan 2015
Video Rewind: My Analog Adventure
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Joshua Bray

On 12/17/14, LPK unplugged. We turned in our digital devices and challenged ourselves to work in a different way. It was an analog adventure, if you will—for some of my colleagues, a step back in time … and for me and my fellow millennials, a step into the unknown.

As a videographer trained entirely in the digital age, I wondered how I would do my job without the modern technology I’m accustomed to. How would I capture the day’s activities and bring our culture and our work to life—in analog? And from a productivity standpoint, was it even worth it to try? I definitely had a good excuse to opt out, given my particular role and responsibilities, but I didn’t want to miss out on the challenge. So I unplugged.

To prepare, I tracked down a Sony Hi-8 from a “more seasoned” co-worker who taught me how to use it. Then I created a shot list and worked on some concepts that I could shoot in analog (and then recreate digitally after the fact) to illustrate how our global brand design agency was able to manage business as usual that day without the aid (or crutch) of modern technology.

To say I faced a few challenges is an understatement. I learned that I had to make every shot count. I didn’t have the convenience of instant playback. And while I missed that instant gratification, I enjoyed the element of surprise when all the footage FINALLY uploaded (patience is an analog videographer’s greatest virtue). Going analog was definitely a challenge to my creativity and efficiency, but I learned the value of working outside my element and, more importantly, connecting with my colleagues and my craft on a deeper level.

Ever wondered what it would be like to unplug on the job? Check out the video above for a snapshot of what working in analog vs. digital meant for us.

Joshua Bray is a videographer on LPK’s Visual Media team, where he tells our story day in and day out via kick-ass videos and photography. There isn’t a cheeseburger or video shoot Josh has turned down. If you can’t find him behind the lens, you can find him on Instagram or Twitter, or drop him a line at