“Now This Is a Story All About How …”

18 Dec 2014
“Now This Is a Story All About How …”
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With each wave of new interns comes a challenge to creatively capture what the internship experience at LPK is like. And the 18 interns who called LPK home this past semester did not disappoint.

They wrote, directed and starred in “The Fresh Interns of Bel-PK,” a parody of the classic ’90s TV show theme song.

“We had complete creative freedom for the project,” says Design Intern Michael Emerick. “We chose to create a music video because we thought it would be a fun way to portray the playful, collaborative culture at LPK.”

They also produced a more introspective video, reflecting on what inspired them while working here—and what kept them coming back for more.

“It was awesome to be able to plan something from start to finish and see it develop right before us,” says Client Service Intern Ryan Montgomery. “It definitely came with some growing pains, but we worked through them together to produce something we’re really proud of.”


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“The Fresh Interns of Bel-PK” lyrics

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit and wait
I’ll tell you how I became an intern at Bel-PK.

From all different colleges, we found our way
To Cincinnati, where we got jobs at LPK
Nervous but excited we were losin’ our cool
But let’s be honest, co-op’s way better than school
Then a couple of guides who told us we could
Really start making waves in the branding hood
I got my first real project and I’m a bit scared
They said “You’ll be fine, just don’t get locked in the stairs.”

Holy crap free coffee, gonna be a great day
I settle down at my desk and start earning my pay
Check email, open PowerPoint what a joke,
Switch to my favorite program, Keynote.

Dull X-Acto, yo this is bad
Switch to a fresh blade, start comping fast
Is this how the peeps of LPK workin’ like?
Hmmmmm this might be alright.

But wait I hear they’re creative, inspired and all that
Is that the type of place they’d let me co-op at?
I really think so
What a wonderful day,
When I found my way to LPK.

Well uhh, now it’s time for lunch, let’s go out
Skyline, Graeter’s, Chipotle with the longest line no doubt
I ain’t trying to stay out long
I got a meeting at 1
So I sprang to my desk to get one last thing done.

I pinned my work on the wall and when we stepped near
My guide said, “Hey, fresh work you have here!”
If anything I can say this opportunity was rare
I’m finally a step closer to my future career.

I walked out of the office real satisfied
And I say to JJ “Have a goodnight, bye”
I looked at my kingdom
I can finally say
I’m proud to have interned at Bel-PK.