Disrupting the Square: Patterns Pop at LPK

01 Dec 2014
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Last week, our Print & Pattern group held its first pop-up pattern party. The entire Cincinnati office joined in, sketching, doodling and “disrupting the square” (a nod to LPK’s brandmark) in an effort to uncover a print-and-pattern graphic style unique to the LPK brand.

“We wanted to do for ourselves what we’ve been doing for global brands over the last few years—create meaningful patterns that tell a brand story,” says Creative Director Jenny Sauer.

LPK’s Print & Pattern group designs in a wide range of pattern strategies, from asset development and tiering to trend-led patterns that appeal to consumers’ personal aesthetics.

“Beautiful prints and patterns deserve more respect than they get,” says Chief Creative Officer Nathan Hendricks. “These assets are really powerful tools for brands to express themselves and stoke consumer desire.”

Check out the photos from our pop-up pattern party:






“There is something about the creative stream of consciousness in the form of doodling,” says VP and Managing Creative Director Liz Grubow. “We’re letting our minds wander for the beauty of it and seeing what happens.”

Check out #disruptthesquare on Instagram or check out our Pinterest board for the latest on how we’re expanding our brand toolbox with print and pattern.

Disrupting the Square is just our latest employee collaborative art installation. Others include: What a Relief!, Doodles That Stick, LPK Lights It Up, It’s the Love of the Throwback and a tribute to sculptor Anish Kapoor.