Design Students Win Big at International Competition

19 Nov 2014
Design Students Win Big at International Competition
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For the past five years, the LPK Trends group has partnered with the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) to share trend insights and strategy as students prepare for the annual Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) design competition.

This year, students were challenged to reimagine store design, visual merchandising and interior design for competition sponsor REI. DAAP and its students took home a record six of PAVE’s ten awards, including two first-place honors:

Store Design Category:

  • 1st Place—Katie Costa
  • Honorable Mention—Lora Child

Visual Merchandising Category:

  • 1st Place—Kylie O’Keefe
  • 2nd Place—Samantha Moscarino
  • 3rd Place—Hannah Clark

UC also took home a school award for its students placing in the top three of each category.

“The DAAP Interior Design Program is proud to share its success with LPK Trends,” said Associate Professor Brian Davies. “Time and again, LPK has offered our fourth-year studio students the insights and inspiration needed to envision award-winning future retail experiences. The impact of their partnership is evidenced by UC’s dominance of an international field of more than 500 entries.”

At LPK, we are committed to inspiring and being inspired as creatives. There’s nothing we enjoy more than sharing our insights with the future leaders of our industry.

“Our long-standing partnership with DAAP on the PAVE competition is an exciting opportunity for our team to inspire young, creative minds with trend-driven provocations about the future of retail,” says Creative Director Bryan Goodpaster. “There’s no better time or place to exercise your creative muscles and truly swing for the fences than in an educational context. It’s been a blast to work with fresh, developing talent to inspire extraordinary, award-winning work at an international level.”

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