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Mario Van der Meulen Talks Why Brands Fail at Singapore Symposium

What gift does the designer give to the world? Ideally, a design that speaks to a person’s truest sense of who they are, their experiences in life and why they do the things they do.

The Design Management Institute’s Design Value Index has proven that brands that elevate a strategic role of design are dominating the S&P market by a staggering 228%.

And yet, we are undeniably confronted with a visual landscape of mediocrity. With research concluding that 3 out of 4 brands are forgettable, why is design—and specifically brand design—so prone to failure?

LPK Asia Executive Creative Director Mario Van der Meulen explores the topic on Thursday, Nov. 6, at CoreNet Global’s Singapore Symposium.

Attending the conference? Stop by Session 9 at 3:45 p.m. for his take on why brands fail.

LPK Asia’s Mario Van der Meulen is an executive creative director with an entrepreneurial eye and a hands-on approach to design. He revels in the dynamics of qualitative research and collaborative, cross-disciplinary design to create work that surprises and holds value beyond just a styled surface. In 2012, Mario was recognized by CBN Weekly as one of China’s Top 50 Innovation Pioneers. Follow him on Twitter at @MarioVDMeulen or email him at mario.van.der.meulen@lpk.com.

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