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LPK Cincinnati Spotlight: Meet Ju

A humble perfectionist with an unexpected sense of humor and infectious laugh, “Ju” joined LPK in 2010. Her enthusiasm, insightfulness and openness to cultural and creative diversity have earned her the respect, praise and friendship of many LPKers.

You’re originally from South Korea. What brought you to the US?
Graduate school. I came here six years ago to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After earning my master’s in visual communication design, I moved to Cincinnati and began working at LPK.

What do you enjoy most about working here?
I love the variety of brands I get to work on and also the range of work I get to do. Here, it seems almost every company uses design. In Korea, the opportunities are more limited. I also love all the different perspectives my coworkers bring to projects. It keeps things interesting!

How do you like living in Cincinnati?
I grew up in Seoul—one of the largest, most crowded cities in the world—so moving to Chicago and then to Cincinnati was definitely an adjustment. But I’ve come to love it here. And Cincinnati has changed so much just in the last four years with all the revitalization downtown. It’s a fun place to be!

When did you know that you were a creative type?
When I was young, my parents encouraged me to participate in a variety of activities—piano, guitar, taekwondo, table tennis—to help determine my interests and discover my talents. As it turned out, I had a passion for art.

Do you still practice taekwondo?
No. My mother thought I was becoming too much of a tomboy, so I moved on to something else—not before earning my black belt, though.

So, what are your hobbies these days?
Well, I love photography. So, naturally, I enjoy Instagram as well. It allows me to create an instant digital scrapbook of all my travels and adventures that I can easily share with my family and friends back home.

What inspires your photography or your design work?
Being a transplant to the US, I find inspiration in things that are culturally unique to America, whether fashion trends, local events, restaurants or theatre productions.

What are three things people would be surprised to know about you?

  1. I used to be in love with Brad Pitt. I just figured all Americans looked like that!
  2. I collect souvenir snow globes. I love how each city or state in America has its own unique identity.
  3. I create custom emojis for my friends. I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture a personality in such a tiny character.

Oh, and I’ll add a fourth—despite the stereotype, I’m not that great at math!

Any advice for those just getting started in the design industry?
Be proactive. Seek out work that you wouldn’t normally take on. Try new things that scare you. Having a good work ethic can take you very far.

To see more of Ju’s photography and follow along on her journey of cultural and artistic exploration, check out her Instagram feed: @jukyoungh.

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