Michelman: Building a Strong Global Brand

06 Oct 2014
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Steve Shifman, President & CEO of Michelman, a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly advanced materials for industry, had some enterprising and ambitious long-term goals in mind when he approached LPK last year and asked the question: “Is my brand fit for success?”

Shifman’s vision included furthering his company’s global footprint and expanding its category reach, while continuing its entrepreneurial, customer-first approach.

Last week, in partnership with LPK, Michelman celebrated the opening of its Advanced Materials Collaboration Center, one of many new initiatives designed to accomplish those goals and position the company as a global leader focused on driving innovation and collaboration while continually anticipating its customers’ needs.

LPK helped Michelman build a new overarching corporate brand strategy that works across its local and global offices. It unifies and brings clarity to Michelman’s mission of being the catalyst to their customers’ success, and includes a new internal and external narrative, naming strategy, architecture, portfolio structure and brandmarks. In addition, LPK developed sales-training principles and key talking points to ensure the organization’s frontline ambassadors reflect the new brand narrative.

“Their comprehensive approach allows us to clearly communicate the value and meaning of our brand not only to our multinational and regional customers, but also among our own employees” says Shifman.


Michelman’s new brand expression is strong, optimistic and forward looking. The use of uppercase typography represents stability with an assertive tone. A dimensional macron rests just above the “I.” LPK helped simplify the primary brandmark and its sub-brands with the use of a more universal palette to appeal more broadly. The brand expression is being activated across a multitude of touchpoints including traditional print media, digital and mobile platforms and trade-show booths.

“We see successful results with service brands, primarily those with a B2B focus, when we go well beyond a visual refresh and build a solid brand strategy that aligns with their core vision, mission and values,” says Matt Fearn, LPK Group Director. “This acts as the catalyst that will galvanize internal stakeholders, provide opportunities to tell a new story and ultimately lead to a transformed organization.”

LPK’s Geneva office also collaborated with Michelman to help align, develop and deploy the Michelman brand assets that best reflect the brand strategy while incorporating regional influences across the globe.

For more information, visit Michelman’s website.