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Color Is Personal: Mario Van der Meulen Headlines Creative Mornings Singapore

Color affects our perception of almost everything, but even the most vibrant colors can be meaningless to us unless we have a personal experience to guide how we perceive them.

LPK Asia Executive Creative Director Mario Van der Meulen will be speaking about the relationship between personal experiences and color for this month’s Creative Mornings/Singapore at the Singapore Art Museum this Friday.

“We see only what our brains are conditioned to see,” says Van der Meulen. “And depending on how the brain is conditioned, our innate reactions to colors can give surprising insights, like seeing colors that are not there or tasting with our eyes before we taste with our mouths.”

Tickets are already sold out, but you can follow along on Twitter at @Singapore_CM. If you’re attending, send questions and comments to Mario at @MarioVDMeulen. A video of Mario’s speech will be released following his presentation.

LPK Asia’s Mario Van der Meulen is an executive creative director with an entrepreneurial eye and a hands-on approach to design. He revels in the dynamics of qualitative research and collaborative, cross-disciplinary design to create work that surprises and holds value beyond just a styled surface. In 2012, Mario was recognized by CBN Weekly as one of China’s Top 50 Innovation Pioneers. Follow him on Twitter at @MarioVDMeulen or email him at mario_van_der_meulen@lpk.com.


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